Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things Sarah Palin Can Name

Since we know multiple Supreme Court cases she disagrees with and any news sources she regularly reads are not one of them; here is a fairly exhaustive list of things Sarah Palin can name.

That being said, I really worry about the debate. This seems like one of the places Clinton could've been really useful to the Obama campaign as a VP. Joe Biden has the ability to come across as incredibly sexist... it's all very strange seeing as how Palin may be the worst of the four on women's issues.

Amendment 2

We are all kind of preoccupied with the big thing on this year's ballot - the Presidential election and what not. Let's not forget other important things.

Amendment 2, the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment is dangerous. You should be doing all you can to educate your friends and family about it. It is not just calling for a moratorium on gay marriage (not that I would agree with that either). Rather, it is calling for gay marriage or anything that is functionally its equivalent (civil unions, for example) to be deemed unrecognizable under Florida Law.

This amendment runs the risk of making it impossible for gay and lesbian couples to be able to make critical end of life decisions for one another, to visit one another in the hospital, to obtain health insurance together, and the list goes on. As I said, it is dangerous, inhumane, and has a name that is an outright lie. Please dialog with those you influence about the importance of voting NO on 2!!

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