Thursday, September 11, 2008

All the kids ain't doin' it

Craig Ferguson has a great clip on You Tube right now. A piece:

If you don’t vote you’re a moron. I know that you say, “Not voting is a vote”. No it isn’t; not voting is just being stupid. Voting is not sexy, is not hip, it is not fashionable, it’s not a movie, it’s not a video game, all the kids ain’t doin’ it. Frankly, voting is a pain in the ass, but here’s a word, look it up, it is your DUTY to vote.

You can watch the whole clip here.


Rachelle said...

If y'all don't post something soon I'm gonna change the name to "Rachelle's blog".

Quinn said...

Hmm... I actually agree with the notion that not voting is a way of voting, if one does it out of conscience. If one does it out of laziness or ignorance, then yes, they are a dumbass. Until our country develops a "none of the above" option for our ballot, I believe someone can for reasons of conscience refuse the choices presented them.

Rachelle said...

"None of the above" is an option - you can write in any candidate.

Quinn said...

Which is essentially the same as not voting. Except you're saving gas... eco-friendly!

Of course, I started this line of thinking in the 2000 election. It really seemed like there was little difference between Gore and Bush to 17 year-old Quinn. I decided that if I could've voted, I would've voted for Nader. What an idiot 17 year-old Quinn turned out to be.

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