Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Introduction

Welcome and Hello good friends of the blogosphere. Allow myself to introduce.... myself. I am Rob, a late-twenties husband, friend, brother, son, uncle, music lover, liberal, and Christian. I am a college minister at a Southern Baptist Church in St. Augustine, Florida, where I live with my wife, Meg. I am hoping that Meg will also begin writing here, so I will let her introduce herself on her own.

There are a lot of things that interest me. I went to film school for two years before playing a game I like to call musical majors. This game does not involve majoring in music, but rather changing majors every semester for another two years. As far as college goes, all you need to know is that I attended the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!) and I have yet to go back to finish my degree.

I am an avid reader, though lately that means little more than a weekly Time magazine and about a hundred blogs. I love music and play many an instrument. I am passionate about theology and the quest to see God for all He is, rather than all we make him out to be.

I know Quinn through my wife and I am sure as different topics come up we will be sounding boards for each others view points.

I just got a new licence from the DMV and my picture looks bad as a result of needing a shave and a haircut.

For more about me and my thoughts, checkout CaptainRandom.

It is great to meet you.

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