Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ok, I'll Go Now

Hi, my name is Quinn. I am 24, married to Shelly for 3 years. We have a non-adorable (actually quite aggravating) chihuahua. I dislike him because he is a jerk. I use parentheses all the time. Sorry.

I have a BA in English, I concentrated my studies on Southern and Post-colonial literature (I'm also interested in a smaller degree in post-modern literatur). No, I don't know what I'm going to do with that degree, thank you very much. No, that degree doesn't mean I'm a grammar-nazi or a good speller. I plan on starting back in the grad program in the fall, though I'm not all that concerned about finishing. I just miss the class room!

I am a youth director at an Episcopal Church, but other than that, I'll probably stay fairly quiet about my job so as to not call unnecessary attention to myself :)

I enjoy books (Faulkner, Morrison, etc.), movies (anything different and interesting), politics (I'm the most liberal guy I know), and music (quite eclectic in taste, but I listen to more NPR nowadays than I care to admit). I guess those are the basics...


Rachelle said...

Ha, your dog is a jerk.

Rob said...

For the record, Quinn's dog is a wuss and not a jerk. His avoidance of people comes out of fear and not arrogance.

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