Friday, June 27, 2008

Unity in Unity

About damn time. I swear we tried to give this election away. The latest polls show Obama doing much better with former Clinton supporters than a month ago.

I saw an interesting article on the Daily Kos the other day. The left wing of the party is starting to talk very seriously about holding right-leaning Democrats accountable in the near future (doing things like going after the Blue Dogs in their primaries). I appreciate that point of view, if someone votes 95% of the time like a Republican, why is to the advantage of the Democratic Party having them on board.

That being said, after the last 8 years, I don't know that I can get behind any drive for some sort of liberal puritanism! Keeping in mind I don't want to trade a bunch of Republicans that are slaves to corporate interests for a bunch of Democrats that are slaves to corporate interests. But can't we at least get through the fall before trying to sever the party again!

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Tree said...

I know I haven't introduced myself yet, but I just had to comment on this entry. I agree! For the last eight years, liberals have criticized republicans for marching in lock-step with no room for variety in opinion. Choosing to enact the same process once the majority has flipped, liberals will be open to (and deserving of) the same criticism. The left has always been proud of its wide umbrella constituency, why stop now? Gaining power makes one fearful of losing power.

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