Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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I gather from the intros that we are all Floridians. I tend to be quite the proud one, in as much as being a Floridian, and not a southerner (a topic for another day maybe) has defined much of my personality in terms of social interaction. This weeks Time magazine has an article about the Sunshine State that leaves me feeling kind of hopeless. We are currently #1 in the nation in mortgage fraud, #2 in foreclosures, dead last in graduation rate, and as we have an economy based almost solely on the service industry, we are going through tough times as rising gas costs have slowed many Americans summer vacation plans. Not a lot to be thrilled about.

So here are my questions, what is the best thing about living in Florida? What about living in Florida has most influenced you? Lastly, where else would you go, if it came to that?

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Rachelle said...

In the past, I have not been to impressed with living in Florida, but as I am trying to find a new more positive grateful attitude on everything, I have been looking for the brighter side of Florida. It is nice to have a (mostly) mild climate and to be so close to the beach. Jacksonville is working on having more cultural events, which I enjoy (like Art Walk), but if money were no object I would live in NYC. I heart NYC.

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