Saturday, July 12, 2008

Booze rant

When did alcohol stop being a nice addition to conversation and friends and start being the whole reason for gathering? Arg. There is nothing more boring to me than getting together to drink and talk about the last time they got together to drink. WTF? Are these people's lives so boring that getting wasted and doing something stupid is the pinnacle of their week? Apparently. I love getting together with friends and talking about our lives, politics, whatever, and then adding maybe a nice bottle of pinot noir - but we are not getting together because of the frickin' pinot noir. (Or to see how much pinot noir we can drink in one minute, how much pinot noir we can drink while in a headstand, etc.)

Another thing, if you regularly play drinking games, and you are not a freshman/sophmore in college, you are a loser. This includes beer pong, quarters, and whatever other lame-ass games people come with up to have an excuse to get so drunk that the next morning they cannot remember what happened the night before.

Oh and one more thing, hookahs are not awesome.


Quinn said...

I totally agree with this. I can't stand getting together just to drink. It is pointless and brainless.

Of course, I would substitute "a nice pale ale" for "pinot noir"... also your last sentence should be stricken from the record. Hookahs are, in fact, awesome.

Megan said...

I second Quinn in his agreement with you. I love beer (of the non-domestic variety) and will probably incorporate that into future posts, however hate the idea of drinking for drinking's sake. I have no comment about the hookah.

Anonymous said...

I used to work with a girl who would talk about nothing but how drunk she got the night before, how hungover she was, and how she couldn't wait to go drinking again that night. Most boring person I have ever met.

Tree said...

I quite like drinks at social gatherings, but I agree that a gathering for the sake of drinking is something that should make one realize just how sad things have become. Several times have assisted young adult customers at Hxxx Dxxxx who were searching for a large funnel and some plastic tubing. If one's life has been reduced to forcibly ingesting copious amounts of alcohol at the fastest rate possible, one may wish to examine just what is or is not desirable in a typical night out. Blackouts and vomiting, while a hilarious staple of America's Painful Videos We Shouldn't Laugh At, perhaps should be left off one's weekly schedule.

I agree with the hookah thing, too, Rachelle; they're amazing. Or is that not what you were getting at?


Rachelle said...

Hookahs are not bad, merely overrated.

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