Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It has been a while since I have really talked about music with friends. As I don't really know everyone here, I thought I would ask everyone to reply with five of the songs, albums, or artists that you listen to most frequently.


Quinn said...

Well, you probably have a general sense of my musical taste... but I'll go:

1) The Beatles
2) U2
3) Sufjan Stevens
4) Bob Dylan
5) Iron and Wine

I'm basically not into much new music outside of some indie rock and underground hip-hop.

I think the Beatles are the greatest band ever, Bono is the greatest showman ever, Sufjan Stevens writes some amazing songs, and I love his self-awareness and irony, Bob Dylan may be the greatest contemporary song writer, and Iron and Wine sounds good with a beer and William Faulkner - in fact, I think that's the very best way to listen to Iron and Wine.

Tree said...

Pearl Jam
Blind Melon
David Crowder Band
Iron & Wine
Madison Greene
Vampire Weekend
White Stripes
Nine Inch Nails
movie scores (John Williams, Howard Shore, Phillip Glass, Danny Elfman...)

Rachelle said...

My music taste is all over the place but for the past month I've been all about Mates of State, Lykke Li, David Bazan, Tegan and Sara, and my ever favorite, Rilo Kiley.

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