Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vegetarianism vs. Me

So here's the deal. I would like to be a vegetarian. this is true for a number of reasons:

1) Ethics - I have some serious ethical issues with the food industry. It's pretty well documented that meat production is pretty incredibly cruel. Also, I realize that eating lots of meat is not good for the environment or a sustainable global economy. My issues are not with eating meat per se, but with everything that goes with it.

2) Health - I would be tons healthier (and tons lighter) if I could give up meat.

3) Convenience - My wife is a vegetarian, and it would make shopping/cooking much simpler.

All that being true... I cannot do it. I've tried, I get grumpy, and I cave.

Rachelle, did you have any issues like that when you decided to become a vegetarian? Shelly didn't, but she wasn't a big meat eater to begin with. The decision I've come to for now is that I will eat less meat, and work toward none. I think that'd be easier than quitting cold turkey... so to speak :)


Rachelle said...

What is your blood type? I feel like some people have a much harder time doing it than others. I don't miss meat at all. (I do eat fish on occasion though).

Kate said...

I do fairly well as a veg, too. (And I'm in the same boat--my husband eats meat). But when I was pregnant, all I wanted was greasy meatballs. Maybe hormones in addition to blood type (good call Rachelle) make a difference in our abilities to cope with our diets.

I think a gradual transition might be helpful. My sister started with giving up red meat, and that worked for her.

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