Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'll give it a go...

1. Type in “[your name] needs” in the Google search: The Rob Store The place to get all your Rob needs. (yes even Rob has needs). The Item of the week is:. Rob's Hardhat.

2: Type in “[your name] looks like” in Google search: Rob looks like a rock star in this picture. ...

3: Type in “[your name] does” in Google search: rob does what he wants.

4: Type in “[your name] hates” in Google search: Black Rob Hates birds.

5: Type in “[your name] goes to” in Google search:Black Rob Goes Back to Prison (Who is this Black Rob character? Does his imprisonment have to do with violence against the hated birds?)

6: Type in “[your name] loves” in Google search: MySpace profile for Rob [Loves Hot Moms]™ with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.

7: Type in “[your name] eats” in Google search: Rob eats a DOZEN (12) raw eggs.

8: Type in “[your name] has” in Google search: rob has a great job at CASS.

9: Type in “[your name] will” in Google search: Rob Will is an innocent man on Texas Death Row and an activist of the DRIVE movement which struggles for inmates human rights.

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