Saturday, July 26, 2008

Apartment for Rent... Maybe

Shelly and I are going to look at a condo tonight. If we like it (and if it's half as cool as its pictures we will love it) we may put in an offer before too long, which leaves us with a dilemma. That would be our current place. We have about 4 months left on the lease.

First: any tips? How should we handle the situation with our landlord?
Second: anybody know anybody that needs a really nice apartment. Our place is killer and we love it, but would also love to own our own place.

So yeah. I'm all ears (and a little giddy if you can't tell... I'm not giddy often).


Rachelle said...

find someone to sublease, or forfeit your deposit - simple enough. good luck with the condo!

Quinn said...

Is it Florida law that all you have to do is forfeit your deposit? Can the landlord go after you for the remainder of your lease?

Quinn said...

To update - the condo was fantastic and Shelly and I are now in worry mode. We'll talk to the lender on Monday to crunch the numbers...

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