Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rolling My Eyes

Isn't it a bit ostentatious to have a tricked-out Hummer with a license plate that says "Blessed"? Or maybe that's just me.


Rachelle said...

It's only appropriate if someone who doesn't have enough money to feed their children can wear a shirt that says, "Cursed".

Tree said...

What? Why shouldn't one feel 100% spiritually comfortable driving a vehicle that gets 4 mpg at a time when fuel prices adjusted for inflation are at their highest point ever? It's not like the starving masses, filthy poor, war-ravaged refugees, out-of-work primary providers or third-world child slaves are hanging from their doorhandles to remind her or him that s/he has committed to the possibly single-most selfish mode of transportation known to humanity (aside from actually riding a child-slave).

Blessed be you dauntless Humvee pilots!

(Too harsh? ^_^)

Quinn said...

I saw a tricked out hummer with a "My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter" tag. Of course, I imagine Jesus would certainly drive a hummer were he around today, so it made sense.

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