Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tree Needs...

Tree needs an expandAll, collapseAll feature.

Tree looks like [he] will learn the hard way.

This Tree does spread by seed.

Tree hates civilization, and who could blame [him]?

Tree goes to great lengths to ensure that everyone stays hydrated in the intense sun.

Tree loves the blood of horses.

Tree eats the light of the sun.

Tree has been extensively refurbished and offers excellent facilities throughout.

Tree will be repeatedly infested until [he] dies.

I had to take obvious liberties with this. Easily seen are the places where "it" was exchanged for "he" or "him". In most cases, I also just began where "Tree xxxx" appeared in the search regardless of preceding verbiage. This increased my ability to actually participate from a whooping 0%. I find it hard to believe that other people going by Tree don't need, eat, or love and have others posting about it online in the third person. I could be a first and you can help; get busy!


Rachelle said...

I just want you to know, I do not approve of you loving the blood of horses.

Tree said...

Are you creating a false synonym between "love" and "eats"? I love my blood, too, but I'm not going to eat it!


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