Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is The Dark Knight the End of Western Civilization?

Again, for the record, I agree with Rachelle on the movie, but Brant Hansen argues otherwise. Thoughts? (Hat Tip: Boar's Head Tavern)

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Rachelle said...

I definitely agree that as a culture we are somewhat numb to violence. I find myself to be an exception to that rule though- I am still, for some reason, hypersensitive. Example: during the chase scene in the tunnel and when one police car is hit and flips over I tell myself, "Those cops will be fine". I know it's a movie, but I'm silly like that. That's why I believe myself very qualified to comment on Brant's post. I do agree that this movie is not appropriate for young children. However, on everything else I disagree with him; I don't think any of it was violence for the sake of violence - there was some sadism, but that was necessary to reveal the Joker's true character. There were many explosions - but they were just that, explosions and no one was killed by them. The movie was enjoyable for its "sensory overload", but also for the truths it presented - there are evil people that exist "who just want to see the world burn", and that being a hero isn't about being adored by everyone and looking good; it's about making the tough choices.

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